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Maxperts (Mac+Experts) is a small consulting firm servicing northern Palm Beach County. Started in order to assist people with the growing influx of (mostly Apple) technology, Maxperts was a side job in 2001 for a former Apple employee. In 2012 a store was opened in Palm Beach with several consultants for hire and accessories to shop. Unfortunately, in 2020 the store was closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. What remains today is the core of our offerings: Quality Advice and Assistance with most mobile and desktop computer needs and assistance with the latest emerging new technologies, with our focus being around Apple technologies.

Johan Sebastian and Steve White both have been serving our clients from our previous store and are still available for appointments in your home or office. They can help you with upgrading your phones, tablets and computers, setting up TV streaming boxes and services, installing and setting up most devices from Wi-Fi networks to Printers and even dabbling in simple home automation gadgets. 

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