Welcome to our website. Maxperts, LLC is the name I derived after Apple transplanted me from North Carolina and I became the local Palm Beach County "Mac Expert". Having worked for Apple for about 10 years from 1998 to 2008, I met many local residents coming into the local CompUSAs and Best Buys for Apple technology. I found myself always being able to solve technology problems for everyone, and thus after 7 years working in Palm Beach, I left my career with Apple behind to help people understand their Apple technology and get the most from it.


I specialize in Mac problem solving, workflow creation, Photoshop, various types of creative projects, and simplifying the tech world for ‘the everyday person’. These days, technology has become more than just our computers, its iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, TVs, Sonos, Alexa, Siri, Wireless and so much more, therefore Maxperts now has a team of experts on various areas of technology. So whatever your needs, from the most basic first-time user to creative projects to practical home automation, we have someone who can help you.

Lisa is the backbone that keeps us all on task. She has been with Maxperts since we opened the store in 2012. From scheduling appointments, handling the everyday store tasks and coordinating our every move, we couldn’t do it without her smiling, friendly whip cracking! New in 2018, Lisa is now our dedicated in-store Notary Public!


Karolis joined us in 2015 as a Consultant. In addition to being tremendously agile navigating through the various Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media sites, he has proven to be skilled in troubleshooting and problem solving and has the patience to tutor even the most incorrigible.

Steve joined us at the end of spring, 2018 as a consultant, too. Bringing knowledge from the other side... He is a Windows/Android user converted to Apple! [Yay!] Steve can assist Android users and with PC problems and has a wealth of Apple knowledge as well. 

I hope to see you at our Peruvian Avenue store or in your home in the near future. Thank you for your patronage and never hesitate to provide your feedback. I always want to know what we’ve done good and bad...


With my most sincere regards,


317 Peruvian Avenue, Suite 102 | Palm Beach, FL  33480 | info@maxperts.com | Tel: 561.337.7033

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